Welcome  to  Dynamic vision’  [by Ernst D. Dickmanns]


What is the goal of this site?

·        It is intended to provide a focus on a general approach to machine vision for dynamic scenes viewed from a moving platform in 3-D space and in real-time (concurrent to actions performed).

The term dynamic vision’ encompasses three classes of topics:

a.      Study of dynamic aspects of biological vision systems,

b.     Visionary activities (predictions of future developments & possibilities), and

c.      Technical vision systems with special features.

Only the last ones are of interest here: Two branches are implemented

Branch1. A specific bibliography (intended to encompass all relevant publications in the field of autonomous vehicles till the turn of the century, selected ones afterwards),

0.B1.1 Bibliography on Dynamic vision for autonomous vehicles (till 2000, incl.).

0.B1.2 Selected references on Dynamic vision starting 2001

Branch2. An introduction to the activities and achievements of one of the pioneering groups in the field (UniBw Munich / ISF from 1977 till 2004).

0.B2.1 Visual entry to application areas

0.B2.2 What is Dynamic Vision ?

0.B2.3 Temporal development of Dynamic Vision (a personal view)

0.B2.4 Surveys on stages of development at the Institut fuer Systemdynamik und Flugmechanik of UniBw Munich from 1977 till 2004

0.B2.5 Detailed List of content of part B2 of the Website

video (15 minute survey on the 4-D approach developed, all areas of application)

Vehicles Learn To See 1995

(15.6 MB, low resolution, wmv with sound)

Detailed information on the approach applied to ground vehicles may be found in the book:

Dickmanns ED: “Dynamic Vision for Perception and Control of Motion” Springer 2007, Content_pdf