A.3.6.3 Hybrid Adaptive Cruise Control

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Radar systems have been chosen by industry in the 1990’s to introduce “Adaptive Cruise Control” (ACC) into the car market; these systems were intended to work above a certain lower cruise speed on highways keeping a speed-dependent distance to the vehicle ahead.

  • They cannot detect roads and lane markings in the general case,
  • their lateral resolution is poor, and
  • they may generate false alarms from multi-path reflections.

Therefore, combinations of these types of systems with vision have been investigated in the late 1990’s. Together with an industrial partner, the combination of radar and visual interpretation sketched in the figure (at left) has been investigated with the test vehicle VaMP.

  • All hypotheses generated from radar are checked by vision; those finding no support from vision are deleted.
  • Vision adds information on lanes and on the width of the vehicle observed, and
  • it perceives both horizontal and vertical curvature of the road (the latter one is coded in the yellow bars moving vertically).

video 27 Hybrid Adaptive Cruise Control VaMP 2000



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