H.2.0 Plants controlled autonomously  (real-world mechanical systems)

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H.2.1 Electro cart balancing a rod

            A.1 Pole balancing (0.5 < [pole length / m] < 2)

H.2.2 Air cushion vehicle (2-D satellite motion)

            A.2 Satellite model plant (docking of air cushion vehicle)

H.2.3 Van VaMoRs (Versuchsfahrzeug fuer autonome Mobilitaet und Rechnersehen, 1985 – 2004, three phases)

            A.3.0 Road vehicle guidance  

            X.1 VaMoRs achievements

H.2.4 Sedan car VaMP (1993 – 2004, Mercedes 500 SEL: VaMoRs-PKW)

            A.3.0 Road vehicle guidance

            X.2 VaMP achievements

H.2.5 AGV Athene (Autonomously Guided Vehicle on factory floor, with IfM / LRT)

            A.4 AGV on the factory floor

H.2.6 ROTEX (Remotely controlled robot arm in Earth orbit autonomously grasps a free floating object by vision) SpaceLab D2 onboard Space Shuttle Columbus (1993) [with DLR-Oberpfaffenhofen, Prof. G. Hirzinger]

            A.7 Vision-guided grasping in Space