H.2.0 Plants controlled autonomously  (real-world mechanical systems)

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H.2.1 Electro cart balancing a rod

A.1 Pole balancing (0.5 < [pole length / m] < 2)

H.2.2 Air cushion vehicle (2-D satellite motion)

A.2 Satellite model plant (docking of air cushion vehicle)

H.2.3 Van VaMoRs (Versuchsfahrzeug fuer autonome Mobilitaet und Rechnersehen, 1985 2004, three phases)

A.3.0 Road vehicle guidance  

X.1 VaMoRs achievements

H.2.4 Sedan car VaMP (1993 2004, Mercedes 500 SEL: VaMoRs-PKW)

A.3.0 Road vehicle guidance

X.2 VaMP achievements

H.2.5 AGV Athene (Autonomously Guided Vehicle on factory floor, with IfM / LRT)

A.4 AGV on the factory floor

H.2.6 ROTEX (Remotely controlled robot arm in Earth orbit autonomously grasps a free floating object by vision) SpaceLab D2 onboard Space Shuttle Columbus (1993) [with DLR-Oberpfaffenhofen, Prof. G. Hirzinger]

A.7 Vision-guided grasping in Space