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A.4 AGV on the factory floor

Autonomously Guided Vehicles on the factory floor (1989 – 1994)

Transportation of objects during the production process from one place to another is a frequently occurring task. In flexible production lines, the transportation task may vary with demands and time, allowing no fixed transportation scheme. Today, small vehicles guided by human operators or needing costly infrastructure prevail for solving this task. With the sense of vision becoming available, the question was put forward whether these transportation tasks within and between production halls could be solved by specialized autonomous ground vehicles.

One solution to this task using the 4-D approach has been investigated jointly with an industrial firm and the Institut fuer Messtechnik of UniBwM / LRT. C. Hock did the mission planning and control engineering part based on the state vector obtained by recursive estimation with prediction error feedback according to the general scheme of dynamic vision.


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