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A.3.6.4d Detection and recognition of a ditch

In several applications, driving cross-country at speeds up to ~ 20 km/h is desirable. Usually, the ground is not completely flat so that perturbations in pitch and bank (roll) are considerably higher than on roads. In addition, the effects even of low vegetation on visibility of ditches are important.

In the figure above, self-occlusion of a negative obstacle is sketched; the ground on the near side of the ditch occludes most of the area of the slope on the far side. It turned out in experiments with VaMoRs that for picking up first indications of a ditch at larger distances,

  • looking for area- or edge-based features in the tele image was more reliable than trying to derive these indications from stereo images; (full frames at full video rate have been available with the ACADIA-board from PVT, Sarnoff-approach).
  • When closing in, correlation-based stereo interpretation with its formidable computing power provided better results than feature-based EMS-vision.
  • Saccadic ditch perception has been developed and is treated in [Pellkofer et al. 2003; Hofmann 2004]

Video 26 Detect ditch, Stop VaMoRs 2000


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