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Review 2020


In the year 2015 two books on the subject of “Autonomous Driving” (resp. ‘Assistance Systems’ with a corresponding chapter) have appeared that do not mention numerous historic facts and that even contain claims proven to be false [89 Buchbesprechung]. Dickmanns had begun in 2013 (following the ‘Bertha-Benz’-autonomous-drive and its discussions in the media) to assemble a review of the efforts of UniBw Munich in this field, in order to document for the general public the pioneering contributions that have been the basis of the early successes of Daimler [88]. Since these comprehensive documentations will not be read by persons on higher management levels, a very condensed summary has also been written, of which the actual review is the English version; it contains cross-references to relevant publications and to the dissertations at UniBwM that treat the original contributions to extensive details.

Readers interested in these may find systematic discussions of the methods developed and used in application to ground vehicles over two and a half decades by our group in the book [79 Content]. In the Internet the field of machines (vehicles and robots) using our method of ‘dynamic vision’ and the 4-D approach is treated on this website; it contains detailed graphic descriptions and several dozen video-clips documenting real-world experiments.

1985-95 Machines Learn ToSee.mp4  (15 minutes survey in English language)

A summarizing survey talk on the successful 4-D approach and the results achieved over three decades may be found under YouTube (Google TechTalk) with several video clips [83].


1985-95 Maschinen lernen sehen.mp4  (15 Minuten – Übersicht in deutscher Sprache)