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0.0 Welcome

Bibliography1.1 Bibliography DynVision till 2000
1.2 Bibliography DynVision 2001 and later
Introduction2.1 Visual entry to application areas
2.2 What is Dynamic vision
2.3 Temporal development of Dynamic Vision
2.4 Surveys on stages of development
2.5 Detailed list of content

A.0 Application Areas and Task

A.1 Pole balancing

A.3.1 Road recognition and vehicle guidance;

A.3.2 Skidpan demo to Daimler-Benz AG 1986;

A.3.3 Various types of roads;

A.3.4 Lane change;

A.3.5 Perception of horizontal and vertical curvature;

A.3.6.1 to .7 Obstacle detection and avoidance;

A.3.7 Turning off onto an unknown crossroad;

A.3.8 LongDistanceDrive VaMP 1995;

A.3.9 On-Off-Road Mission performance 2003

A.2 Satellite model plant
A.3 Road vehicle guidance       =>
A.4 AGV on the factory floor
A.5 Aircraft landing approach
A.6 Helicopter with the sense of vision
A.7 Vision-guided grasping in Space

H.0 Hardware used

H.1.0 Vision systems1.1 Custom-designed microprocessor systems BVVx
1.2 Integrated Transputer System
1.3 EMS vision system on COTS – PC hardware
H.2.0 Plants controlled autonomously2.1 Electro cart balancing a rod
2.2 Air cushion vehicle
2.3 Van VaMoRs
2.4 Sedan car VaMP
2.5 AGV Athene
H.3 Pointing platforms8 different types from 1984 to 2004
H.4.0 Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) simulation4.1 HIL-Sim RoadVehGuidance
4.2 HIL-Sim AirVehGuidance

M.0 Methods developed and proven

M.1 Visual perception 
M.2 Action, behavioral components 
M.3.0 Functional system integration3.1 Basic aspects for structuring in space and time
3.2 Structure of visual perception
3.3 Structure of behavior decision using skills
3.4 Coarse block diagram of system integration
3.5 Visualization of feedback loops
3.6 Abstract feedback loops around Here and Now

T.0 Test- and Demonstr.-Sites for Auton. Syst.

T.1 UniBwM Neubiberg, former airport Neubiberg
T.2 Autonomous Ground Vehicles; external sites
T.3 Flight Test Sites; airport Brunswick: Real for landing approaches; HIL for heli-navig.

X.0 Survey on Experimen-tal Results

X.1 VaMoRs (5-t van, 1985 – 2004); 3 generations of vision systems
X.2 VaMP VaMoRs-PKW; Mercedes 500 SEL, the fastest ground robot 1994 – 2003
X.3 Air and Space (1982 – 1997; aircraft landing approaches and helicopter navigation
X.4 Table of Firsts
Review20161. Time line Road vehicles with the sense of vision, UniBwM
2. Some remarks to the historical background for digital real-time vision
3. First‘s in real-time vision with the test vehicle VaMoRs 1986 to 2003
4. Achievements with test vehicle VaMP 1994 – 2004
5. Time line Air vehicles with the sense of vision 1982 – 1997
6. Time line Sense of vision in Outer Space 1982 – 1994
7. Awards received
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